Steering control system

Having a broad experience in steering control we would like to offer our system for your projects.

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Unique features of the system allow you to save time on this part of the project and concentrate more on the field you have expertise in.
Furthermore, we can offer the system no one of our competitors can offer — start/stop, alarm, full follow-up and indication in one. 

We are ready to prepare specific pre project drawings to fit your customers needs at early stage and take care of project requirements analysis to define optimum system configuration.
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Technical data

Power supply

24 VDC, 220-400 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Autopilot (required only for non Navis Engineering autopilots)

Dynamic positioning system

Joystick control system

Conning system


Control modes

Full follow-up with sync mode

Non Follow-up on main bridge and in steering compartment

Number of control stations


Steering gear types


Rotary vane

System diagram



We offer

  • Full support at very early stage of the project

  • System designed to fit any boat type and can be delivered with certificate of any class

  • Less boxes comparing to other systems on the market

  • Network architecture to save time and money on cables and cabling works

  • Cropped version of our AP4000 can be a part of the system.

Main benefits
Plug and play, to reduce time during commissioning
4 systems in 1- start/stop, alarm, FFU and indication
Simple integration with our autopilot and joystick control system
Can be customised for the needs of your project