Steering control systems

We can imagine how expensive is each single cubic meter of the custom built boat. We believe you know better how to utilize that volume other than with steel boxes and cables.

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Our steering control system combines 4 subsystems in one to save space on a bridge and engine room, and in-between:

  • Steering gear alarm system
  • Pumps start/stop
  • Full follow-up system
  • Indication

The cropped version of Navis AP4000 autopilot can be a part of the system for further space saving.

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steering control .jpg

System diagram

System can fit any type of the gear and accommodate required number of control stations with simple control transfer between them.



Main benefits
Complete steering control in one system
Less wiring
Less space
Integration with our autopilot and joystick control systems for further space and weight saving
Wide opportunities for customisation

_steering control yachts.png