is designed to simplify manoeuvring control of the boats with complicated propulsion and fully utilise potential of the modern propulsion systems.
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System features manual control of engines and thrusters with single joystick as well as automatic position keeping.
Despite having same functionality and operation philosophy, NavJP is not a full scale dynamic positioning system. It is designed to be operated by navigator offering much more simple control comparing to DP.

Typical applications where this system proves to be very useful:

  • Survey boats
  • Fire fighting boats
  • Coast guard boats
  • Wind farm crew transfer vessels
  • Fish farm service vessels
  • Work boats

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NavJP Overview.png

Lars Thrane | Chairman | Lars Thrane A/S
M.Sc.E.E., Ph.D.: 

«The Product: The NAVIS AP and JP system has a very user friendly appearance, its user interface is easy to learn, and the product operation and handling of the vessel is of outstanding quality. 

The Operation: The Autopilot enables operation in a number of modes of great usefulness for the daily operation of the ship.  Being harbor maneuvers, sailing in narrow channels, anchoring in areas with strong wind or current, it operates flawlessly.  Operations in JP modes are extraordinary and very convincing.

The Team: The NAVIS installation and service team is among the most efficient and the fastest handling we have experienced.  User interaction is friendly and expedient. Response time is very fast». 

System diagram


System highlights

The minimal propulsion configuration is 2 propellers with 2 rudders and a bow thruster. Same time it is necessary to mention that system is not a magic stick and performance depends heavily on boat and propulsion design. Please feel free to contact us to asses possibility of installation of the system on board.

APH7 autopilot screen_Joystick.png

Main benefits
Very simple in operation
Not limited with propulsion vendor
Not limited with propulsion type
Type approved autopilot inside

Operation modes

Joystick manual

Boat will follow your commands set with the joystick, heading is controlled by twisting the joystick. jp manual mode.png

Joystick auto heading

Boat will follow your commands set with the joystick while set heading would be kept automatically. jp auo heading mode.png

Speed control

System automatically keeps vessel speed set with joystick. Heading is controlled automatically.
JP speed control.png

Hold position

System will keep both heading and position automatically.


System acts as an autopilot. ap auto mode.png

CTS pilot

System keeps the boat on set course over ground avoiding drift. ap CTS mode.png


Boat heading is kept automatically on a route receiving waypoints from chart plotter or ECDIS.ap track mode.png