Joystick control system

Simplifying control, adding comfort.

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System is designed to simplify manoeuvring control of different types of ferries.
Double-ended equipped with azimuth drives, high speed water jet driven or the ones with conventional propellers and rudders propulsion — we have solution for majority of existing configurations.

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We offer flexible solutions from manual control of the multiple thrusters with one single lever and up to automated control of the ferry on a route.

Main benefits
Manual manoeuvring control with single lever
Automated control on a route
Automatic speed or arrival time control
Propulsion independent
Integrated approved autopilot inside

Operation modes

Manual joystick control

Boat will follow your commands set with the joystick, heading is controlled by twisting the joystick. 

ferry manual control.png

Manual joystick control with automatic heading

Boat will follow your commands set with the joystick while set heading would be kept automatically. 

ferry autoheading.png

Joystick control on high speed

Boat is controlled with single joystick during normal sailing with heading kept either automatically or controlled with twisting of joystick.

ferry high speed.png


System provides smooth surge thrust control with single joystick.

ferry landing.png

Automated route control

System controls ferry speed and heading on a route automatically. At the final point of the route system will automatically switch to manual joystick control, or in case of no confirmation form operator will hold position.


Different strategies of speed or arrival time control are available.

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