Simplifying control of boats with several bridges
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Being on board of the projects with multiple control stations quite often we see that small but very important thing is lost — nobody takes care of the simple control transfer between systems and control stations.
Just imagine — you have thrusters, main engines, steering control, autopilot, joystick control, radars or other bridge equipment and each one has own logic or means to go from the main bridge to fly bridge for example, or part of that list to go to wing control station.
In some cases, you have to switch from autopilot to manual control first and then take control on the flybridge and again manually get back to autopilot.
Switch shall ensure that regardless of the number of control stations and propulsion units you will get seemless control over your boat.

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With Switch we provide:

  • Control mode selection — manual propulsion control, autopilot or joystick control, regardless of the number of thrusters, engines, rudders 

  • Single button control transfer of all necessary equipment between bridges, keeping the last control mode

  • Bluetooth dongle for control override for your maximum comfort

  • Freedom to choose vendors for your bridge and propulsion control equipment to get seamless control transfer, as the other option would be to get all the systems on the bridge from one manufacturer

Main benefits
Standard interface to propulsion equipment
Scalable to fit any configuration
Redundant as required by class
Network architecture for simple connection

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