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Industry standard equipment in offshore oil and gas exploration and production, dynamic positioning is becoming a very useful tool in many other segments of marine industry.
Variety type of ships are now equipped with DP systems:

  • Icebreakers
  • Research and survey ships
  • Windfarm service and construction
  • Buoy layers/tenders 
  • Cable laying vessels
  • Salvage ships
  • Heavy lift vessels, including semisubmersible
  • Coast guard vessels

For all non typical offshore applications we offer DP system which is the simplest on the market for the operator to use, fit for purpose and can start with no time at all to increase operation efficiency with no compromise on safety.

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Yevgeniy NETUK | Master of PSV “Bourbon Liberty 152”  | BOURBON OFFSHORE GREENMAR

Opinion after software upgrade of DP Control System:

“Actually, this updated software is perfect!

There are new Min Power Heading and Hold Area modes when vessel is on standby outside of installation’s 500m zone. When these modes are ON, diesel generator power consumption is minimum in compare to previous Dynamic Positioning  software version, 1 x Bow thrusters (BT) is stopped and ready for auto start on demand by DP system. No more noise from thrusters high RPMs. Vessel is like weathervaning and following environmental forces within predefined by DP operator sector.

Full DP Mode: Bow thruster Group Bias – Excellent function. Bow thruster are working in opposite direction to avoid frequent clutching in and thus saving bow thrusters contactors. Same, one Bow thruster is running and in case the system demands more than 25% of thruster force, then 2nd bow thruster is being started and working in required direction.

System diagram

NavDP4000 diagram.png


Start-up time

Navis NavDP4000 requires almost no time at all to start DP operations.

Dp stabilisation time graph.png

User interface and simplicity in operation

System features the simplest user interface on the market lowering the barrier to entry for the operator unfamiliar or having limited DP experience.

With voice alerts system helps to prioritise actions during critical moments of operations. 

Set of fuel saving modes

Set of fuel saving modes is available for applications where it is possible to decrease accuracy of position keeping and as an exchange reduce fuel consumption.


Footprint on the bridge

We currently have the most compact system on the market in terms of footprint on the bridge, addressing challenges of the projects with space constraints on the bridge.

Navis NavDP4000 Overview.png