Navis Engineering

We engineer manoeuvring control systems

About Navis Engineering

We design and manufacture dynamic positioning and manoeuvring control systems for different types of the ships — offshore vessels, cruise and ferry, workboats and special ships, super and mega yachts.

For each type we offer systems engineered to your specific operational needs or requirements.

Since the first experience of the company founders in early 1980s we keep our focus on area of controlling vessel motion. Regardless of the type of the ship or the product we deliver, we share with you our knowledge which is one of our main assets.

We provide lifetime support of our equipment and service where it is needed.

years in
More than 2000 systems
delivered since 1992

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Customer references
Sophie Germain
C/S Sophie Germain, designed by VARD, Norway and built by Colombo Dockyards, Sri Lanka
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Flotte Hamburg vessels
The Fire-Fighting boats "Prag" and "Drezden", built by Damen Shipyard in Hardinxveld, The Netherlands
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Northern Karoline
The Northern Karoline is Northern Survey’s first ship built in 1950.
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Rijkswaterstaat vessels
Multipurpose DP-1 support vessels built by Bijlsma Wartena SY for Rijkswaterstaat and named “Scheldestroom”, “Merwestroom” and “Waddenstroom...
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Multi Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel
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Leon Thevenin
Special service /Cable laying ship
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Egbert Wagenborg
EasyMax general cargo
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Hybrid icebreaker tug VILJA
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Celebrity Flora
Expedition Cruise Vessel “Celebrity Flora”
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64-metre M/Y Attila 

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Escort vessel “Linde-G”
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Hydrographic Survey Catamaran “Konstelacja”
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SNAV Adriatico
SNAV Adriatico roll-on/roll-off ferry
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Branddirektor Westphal
Fire Fighting vessel
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El Mellah

Sail training ship

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46 meters twin hull yacht support vessel.

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DP-2 class cable laying vessel.

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The first North America LNG ferry

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Viking Grace

Viking Grace is the first LNG powered ferry in the world.

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Geo Focus

35 meters long hybrid propulsion survey and ROV support vessel.

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Don Amado
DP2 diving support, offshore construction support vessel.
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Acta Orion

Acta Orion is a service operation vessel purposely designed and built to service wind farm industry.

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Prince Job 1

Multipurpose offshore support vessel designed and built by De Hoop shipyard in the Netherlands.

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Baltika is the only icebreaker in the world with asymmetric hull shape and thruster location.

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Ferry in the past, SIA was refitted into the cable laying and inspection vessel in 2010.

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Hetairos III

Hetairos III is a 59.90 m length fast cruising bermuda ketch and the world’s largest prepreg carbon fibre yacht.

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Destiny is a 24 meter long range luxury explorer yacht.

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Bourbon Liberty 150
Bourbon Liberty 150 is the series of platform supply vessel for the international oil and gas market.
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Zwerver II
Walk-to-Work support vessel «Zwerver II» features passive heave compensated crane and heave compensated gangway, making her unique in a clas...
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Polaris is the first dual fuel icebreaker in the world, she is designed for icebreaking, oil recovery and emergency to...

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Beringov Proliv
Icebreaker 6 class vessel, equipped with two cranes for salvage operations and decompression facilities to support deep divers.
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Mein Schiff
Mein Schiff series of cruise ships featuring environment friendly power plants and energy efficient solutions comparing to the shi...
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