We do.

We design and manufacture manoeuvring control systems for different types of the ships — offshore vessels, cruise and ferry, workboats and special ships, super and mega yachts. For each type we offer systems engineered to your specific operational needs or requirements

Since the first experience of the company founders in early 1980s we keep our focus on area of controlling vessel motion.
Regardless of the type of the ship or the product we deliver, we share with you our knowledge which is one of our main assets
We provide lifetime support of our equipment and service where it is needed

Company was founded in 1992 by four scientists involved into development of the automatic manoeuvring control for different types of the ships.
First commercial product of the company was 6 degrees-of-freedom mathematical models for full mission ship handing simulator for one of the worlds leader in this area. Library consisting of more than 100 vessels models was created during next 12 years, and now is used in training centres all over the world.


First installation of our dynamic positioning control system, Gulf of Mexico, February 2000.

This product required very high qualification and expertise but same time was non-core activity for the company founders.
So the development process of the prototypes of core systems like autopilot, track keeping system, dynamic positioning systems soon started. In 1999 first prototype of DP control system was developed, followed by first installation in 2000 and a contract for 6 DP2 systems in 2001.
We manufacture steering control system since 2002, wheel mark  type approved autopilots since 2005, joystick control systems since 2008.

Since divestments of non-core assets including development of mathematical models itself, vessel alarm and monitoring systems in 2005 we keep our focus on vessel manoeuvring controls only, that allows us to solve the most demanding tasks of our customers and manufacture reliable equipment with one of the best performance in class.
More than 1000 vessels of different types are equipped with our systems.

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