For Integrators

Understanding the nature and complexity of your business we offer our expertise and knowledge to help you in execution of your projects. Keeping our focus in a field of vessel motion control we do not have products competing with yours, we design them to be a part of the integrated package.

Joystick control system

Our joystick control system is designed to simplify manoeuvring control of the boats with complicated propulsion configurations.

Steering control system

Having a broad experience in steering control we would like to offer our system for your projects.
Unique features of the system allow you to save time on this part of the project and concentrate more on the field you have expertise in.


Our autopilot can be installed on board of any ship, including high speed crafts.
All possible interfaces are supplied in a one single box so you just pick the right one during commissioning, no need to select cards before order.


Simple control transfer between control systems and control stations.

Integrated manoeuvring control

Having steering, joystick and heading control systems in our product line we offer solution which combines this system into one.