NavAP is a type approved heading control system designed to fit ships of any size, including high speed crafts.

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Vessel types

Autopilot is designed to fit literally any type of the ship.
It conforms with the latest requirements, and in combination with several ECDIS is approved as a track control category C and DNV-GL NAUT (AW) class notation.

ROT pilot mode is available for river-going vessels.
For specific application we can offer control of the vessel heading on a slow speed using bow thruster assistance.


All interfaces are supplied in a one single box so you just choose the right one during commissioning, no need to select cards before order. You can just keep one autopilot on your stock, that can fit to any type of the gears to have the fastest delivery time to your customer.


We have experience with all the types of propulsion units — rudders, water-jets, azimuth thruster including multiple azimuth thrusters installation.

Complicated projects

One of the most complicated project we have now is a 300m length LNG carrier, featuring independent control of 3 azimuth thrusters and a redundant installation of two autopilots onboard.
If you have not the typical configuration or specific requirements — let us know. We are ready to customize the system, prepare project specific quotes and drawings.

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Technical data

Power supply


Sensors interfaces

Gyro or satellite compass: $–HDT, $–THS (10Hz data update rate)
Speed log: $-VHW, $-VBW
Wind sensor ( required for windvane mode only): $–MWV(R), $–MWV(T), $–MWD, $–VWR
ECDIS or chart plotter: $–APB, $–BWC, $–HTC/$–HTD or $–HSC

Steering interface

Steering control systems: Proportional control via 0…10 V, ±10 V or 4…20 mA
Steering gear: Solenoid valves 24V DC (up to 3A load current) or proportional valves ±10V

System diagram


Operation modes


ap auto mode.png

CTS pilot

System keeps the boat on set course over ground avoiding drift. 
ap CTS mode.png


Boat heading is kept automatically on a route receiving waypoints from chart plotter or ECDIS. 
ap track mode.png

River pilot

System changes vessel heading with predefined rate of turn.
river pilot.png