Escort vessel Linde-G with Navis Engineering Oy on board

3 July, 2019

Navis Dynamic Positioning control system with integrated Propulsion control system had been successfully sea trailed onboard the innovative escort vessel “Linde-G”. Vessel had been built at the DeHoop Shipyard and equipped with a hybrid propulsion system with three operating modes: diesel-electric slow, diesel-electric, and diesel-direct. Navis system had been designed to maneuver the vessel by manual via individual lever for each thruster or via 3-axis joystick over full propulsion or in automatic and semi-automatic modes in all three operating modes which allow to reduce fuel consumption significantly.

With a length of 57.65 meters and the 2 main engines (each 2350 KW) Linde-G can make a speed of 20 knots and able to perform seismic crew changes for 60 persons.


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