NavDP4000 onboard the new Coastal RV Wim Wolff

22 April, 2024
Navis Engineering Oy is delighted to declare the successful commissioning of its dynamic positioning control system, NavDP4000, on the new coastal research vessel, Wim Wolff.

Wim Wolff, a cutting-edge 37-meter research vessel built by Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in the Netherlands, features the advanced NavDP4000 DP-0 control system. This system ensures precise positioning and accurate heading, critical for high-quality survey data, efficient operations, and sustainable marine exploration.
The Wim Wolff will be conducting research in the North Sea coastal zone, the shallow water of the Zeeland delta of the Wadden Sea.
The fruitful collaboration between Alphatron Marine and Navis Engineering Oy played a pivotal role in delivering a high-quality solution to meet the exacting needs of the Customer.
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