Navis NavDP Reporting tool

2 February, 2021

Navis NavReport is a new service intended to support all Navis NavDP/Beier IVCS users, which require detailed information about vessel DP system status for health check, accident investigation, predictive maintenance, remote annual trials and much more.

NavReport takes as input standard feedback files (for lite version of report) or logs (for full report) and outputs electronic report with all information which could be extracted like vessel's behavior, maneuvering, prs & sensors data, power system and so on.

NavReport is expected to have web interface for shipowners for fast report generation.

Access to tool is included during warranty of newly delivered systems, available as part of Maintenance contract or could be provided case by case on demand.

All our customers can try real demo by sending feedback files/logs to with subject "NavisNavReport demo".




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