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5 August, 2016

Since the company establishment we were part of very interesting projects in different segments of marine industry worldwide.

Hydrowood One barge is unique not only with the size, it is currently one of the smallest crafts equipped with our joystick control system but with the story behind that mainly.

Hydrowood is a project to recover timber from the Lake Pieman on the West coast of Tasmania.

A lot of innovation was required to get the logs back to the land from the depths of up to 28 meters after more than 25 years spent underwater.

16 by 12 meters custom built barge with customised harvester on board is propelled by 3 azimuth thrusters.

Customised Navis JP4000 moves the barge on the route providing azimuth thrusters full follow up control and keeps position while harvester is in action.

No more words, enjoy amazing scenery of beautiful Tasmania:




More information on Hydrowood project you can find here:
Pictures and video courtesy of Hydrowood

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