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NavAP is a type approved heading control system designed for the boats of any size and type. It is capable of control any propulsion type — rudders, azimuth thrusters or water jets with single, dual or multiple installation.

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O.F.C. (Erik) Magel | Master m.v. Egbert Wagenborg | Wagenborg Shipping B.V.

«Navis NavAP 5 was installed in September 2019

With good clear instructions we were able to calibrate the NavAP 5 during our voyage from Finland to Turkey.
The movement of the rudder in heading mode and course mode are now at lot less compared to our previous AP3000 autopilot.
The NavAP 5 has a good overview of all important settings on the display.
Also these settings are easy to change with the knob and set button.
The display has a nice colour settings for day/dusk/night.

  • Very handy & easy to operate
  • Can adjust the conditions of the ship
  • Set courses can be adjusted to decimals».

System diagram



Main benefits
Very simple in operation with only one control parameter
Precise control algorithms for comfort and fuel saving
Cropped version is a part of our steering control for space saving
Windvane mode for sailing yachts

Operation modes


ap auto mode.png

CTS pilot

System keeps the boat on set course over ground avoiding drift.
ap CTS mode.png


Boat heading is kept automatically on a route receiving waypoints from chart plotter or ECDIS.
ap track mode.png


System keeps set relative wind angle.