DP control system

We know...

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We know that cruise industry is different.

We know you do not have dedicated DP operators on board.

We know it is all about comfort and safety of your guests on board.

We know that time matters both at building stage and in operation.

This is why we offer the simplest in operation system on the market with the outline and set of modes developed specially for cruise ships.

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Main benefits
The simplest system on the market
Less noise
More comfort for your passengers
Less fuel consumption

Position keeping

Our system keeps the ship position automatically in areas where it is not allowed to use an anchor.
Operator can start with minimal thruster configuration required for the current sea state and increase that when necessary, system for sure shall let him know on lack of power.
That helps to reduce noise and vibration and optimise fuel saving.


System requires almost no time at all to start operation.


Thanks to HIL-test of every single system we made, we deliver perfectly polished system to minimise required time for commissioning and sea-trails.
During one of our latest deliveries we completed sea trials in 4 hours. We know how expensive it is both for the operator and the yard to keep vessel running at this stage.

Control modes

  • Automatic position keeping
  • Hold area
  • Minimal power 
  • Anchor assistance
  • Tendering
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