DP/DT control system

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Dynamic positioning/ dynamic tracking control system is designed for automatic control of the ship manoeuvres during dredging — specific operation characterized by high magnitude of the external forces.

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System diagram

navis DP/DT.png


Control modes

Unlike standard DP system, DP/DT has following control modes:

  • Automatic speed control with compensation of drag forces and prevention of moving vessel astern
  • Autopilot dredging (AP Dredging): keeping the vessel COG and SOG during the dredging process with the drift angle limitation
  • Autotrack dredging (DT Dredging): heading control strategy to let dredge head follow the predefined track with the drift angle limitation
  • Pinpoint dredging: high-precision cyclic dredging on a short track (combination of DT dredging in the ahead direction with low-speed tracking during the astern motion)
  • Auto track dumping (DT Dumping): low-speed tracking with the dumping pipe as a touchdown point
  • Shore discharge: system keeps the vessel heading and positioning automatically during discharging via the shore pipe
  • Rainbow discharge: automatic keeping of the vessel position and oscillatory heading control during the rainbow spraying from the bow nozzle

Additional alarms and monitoring

  • Emergency stop alarms
  • Drift angle alarm with adjustable limit
  • Monitoring and indication of the data from dredging equipment

Modern THSDs are designed for one man on the bridge operation. Navis DP/DT features voice alerts to simplify prioritisation of the actions in critical situations.

Main benefits
Simple user interface
Bumpless control transfer from manual mode and back
Voice alerts