Celebrity Flora equipped with Navis motion control system

18 July, 2019

Navis Engineering Oy systems have been chosen by De Hoop Shipyard and Celebrity Cruises for “Celebrity Flora”. Navis equipment includes Dynamic Positioning control system in DP-1 configuration, remote propulsion control system with full follow up/non-follow up levers for thrusters and steering, innovative redundant mode selector system “SWITCH” for sustainable safety and comprehensive comfort of operator.

Navis Engineering Oy in close cooperation with Yard and propulsion supplier developed energy-efficient modes that are highly necessary for the vessel specially designed for Galapagos Islands. Energy-effective modes are available in automatic and manual control. After the successful sea trials and acceptance of the systems last month this luxury vessel start her first journey to the Galapagos Islands.

The vessel designed and built by the De Hoop Shipyard is 100 passenger Expedition Cruise Vessel but it’s more like luxury mega yacht with 333 ft length and 55.7 ft beam where every stateroom is a suite.


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