NJoy our newest generation of Joystick control system

1 July, 2020

Navis Engineering Oy is proud to introduce new generation of Joystick maneuvering control system. NJoy based on the DP algorithms and is an intelligent, yet, user-friendly technology that is faster, stable and accurate during manual or automatic maneuvering unlike most systems on the market. NJoy is the game changer making DP technology available for any seafarer. Notwithstanding of increased technology level, system still has attractive price comparable with simpler systems. State-of-the-art design combining the simple and intuitive HMI allows easy one-handed control for your vessel.

The New NJoy system based on Mathematical model of your vessel and is runned on marine grade control computer. System can be equipped with APH 7 (7 inch LCD) or APH 5 (5 inch LCD) control panels depending on your bridge design and each panel provided with 3-axis joystick. Both panels have buttons possible for customizing according to your wishes.

Slide 1.png Slide 5.png

Total vessel and propulsion control just from operator panel thanks to friendly GUI.

Slide 2.pngSlide 3.pngSlide 4.png

Having DP controlled vessel not buying DP control system.

NJoy your perfect trip.

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