Service technology in operation

5 September, 2019

Since the Foundation of the company, the service policy of the company is aimed at maintaining continuous contact with ship owners, captains and DP operators of installed dynamic positioning systems throughout the life cycle of the delivered equipment. This approach allows us to respond as quickly as possible to the newly emerging wishes of users of NAVIS NavDP systems, to create additional, unique functionality of dynamic positioning control systems, and, most importantly, to ensure the proper condition and trouble-free operation of the equipment many years after its installation on the ship.

And today we continue to follow this policy, being in close contact with our customers. Over the past two years, as a result of joint work with customers, we have implemented more than 100 comprehensive upgrades of DP control systems. In the process of the work was conducted as upgrading hardware and updating software, allowing our customers many years later continue to exploit UP-TO-DATE hardware and STATE-OF-ART software.

NavDP on board Henri Pitot

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